Friday, October 16, 2009

Army of One - The Rules

As I've stated in my first post, my goal here is see how far I can progress on my DK soloing dungeon and raid content. I hope to eventually get to the Heroic lvl 80 dungeons and to successfully solo those. I wanted to lay down some ground rules to give you an idea of how I will attempt to go about this.

  • Content will be cleared in a way that a group of players would proceed if they were within the level requirements for that instance. That is I will proceed through trash, hit each boss, and end with the final boss. At no time will I just proceed to the final boss to finish him off and consider it a successful run.
  • I will attempt to clear each instance without beforehand doing research to find strategies for that instance. Now admittedly some of these instances I ran before so I am already familiar with them, most of those are Northend instances though, I have never been much of a dungeon/raid runner. If I fail in my attempt I will start to research strategies on how to succeed.
  • I will attempt to progress through the content in order as best as possible. If I can manage it I will progress through the content starting with Classic WOW, then Burning Crusade, and finally Wrath of the Lich King. One thing that my hold me up is the raids, since they are more time consuming I may not be able to progress through them quickly enough to meet any kind of schedule. Therefore it is more likely that I will progress through dungeons and raids on separate schedules. That is all classic dungeons, BC dungeons, BC heroic dungeons etc. while at the same time attempting classic rads, then BC raids, etc. I have already run some instances but I will attempt to keep to the order now.
  • Once in the instance anything goes, I can use potions, spells, buffs etc. However I will note when/if I do use any of these.
So there you have it, nothing special just some simple rules I will adhere to as I make my attempts.


  1. Seems like an intresting idea. I wish you luck in it. You may end up having to use flask and such to help you with this. The better gear that you gather for your tank spec the easier it should be.because it will help you mitigate damage and last longer.

  2. Thanks for the well wishes. I do plan on using flasks and such the further I progress and my main focus for gear upgrades in the near future will be on tanking gear. I need to work on finding a nice balance between enough stamina, dodge, parry, etc. and strength to go into Northrend instances. It will be interesting to see the results.