Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Army of One - The begining of a Journey

I've always run low level instances on my high level characters for some quick cash, but those instances have been just been vanilla WOW ones, and one or two runs throw Ramparts to see if it was profitable. There is good money to be made running the lower instances and I am still trying to get my mount from Stratholme. Most of this money for me comes from rare drops, cloth, and enchanting mats, the mats I use for both scrolls and selling on the AH. But recently I heard of some Death Knights (here on known as DK's), Hunters, and Palladins soloing BC Raids and WoTLK heroic instances. Now this was something I had to try, I had to know how far I could go with it and I thought I would blog about my experience.

Currently I have a lvl 80 DK and a lvl 75 Hunter. To start the experiment I will be using my DK, as my hunter comes along I will try the same with him. I started playing WOW shortly after Burning Crusades came out and leveled my hunter to 58 in a few weeks. I burnt out and quit the game. I came back to WOW shortly after Wrath of the Lich King and almost exclusively to try out the Death Knight class. I quickly fell in love with this class and leveled him up to 80 very quickly.

Before the start of this experiment I was exclusively a frost DPS spec. I did not have dual spec and had no interest in becoming a tank, I tried it while initially leveling and got tired of all the people complaining I had no idea what I was doing (which was partly true), getting blamed for all the wipes (some were my fault most were not) etc, all things I'm sure most tanks encounter at first. DPS I excelled at, I usually beat out most of the DK's I group with and hold my own very well with the best DPS classes. I need to work on my skills a little more since the 3.2 patch and the change to dual wield for Frost but I am still no slouch. For this experiment though my DPS spec and DPS gear would not cut it...for long. Sure I can get through all the Vanilla instnaces, maybe a vanilla raid (haven't tried it) but don't think I'd get much farther then that. So I bought Dual Spec and selected a new blood tank spec with emphasis on healing myself. I had some tank gear I had held on to and won on greed rolls while playing DPS and I am going to work on getting better gear there as well. In the next post I'll go over my new spec and then my gear.

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