Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Please allow me to introduce myself - My Solo Blood Spec

So as I stated before my main spec is Frost DPS. I love the spec, love the damage output and am pretty OK at the rotation (still need some work but I'm never satisfied). But for soloing raids, high level instances, and heroics I don't think it will cut it, just not enough self healing going on. So enter my new blood spec. I took the basic tanking blood spec and tried to add in as much self healing as I could. I don't know a whole lot about blood spec so I did read up on a couple of forums including Wowhead and Elitist Jerks. I had some recommendations from a few folks on wowhead and made some changes from my original spec. I'll start with the one I have and as I progress if I feel the need to change anything I will.

All in all I'm pretty happy with my spec, I would have liked to put some points in Necrosis (added DPS) and maybe Lichborne (to use Death coil as a self heal) but I couldn't fit the points in to get low enough in their respective trees. I hear a lot of people say that Blood Worms aren't worth it, but my thinking is that when soloing, any extra healing is worth it. Vendetta is another I was considering, but I'm not sure it would be worth it. If it turns out that killing mobs/bosses in high level instances counts as "targets that yield experience or honor" I may take the points out of blood worms and put it there.

My glyphs are a little out of the norm as well. Since my main attack is Death Strike (for the healing) and I usually have over or very close to 25 runic power when I use it this glyph seems worth it to me. I may need to consider switching to the Rune Strike glyph for the extra damage there (+10%). I'm not quite sure at this point which would be better. Glyph of Vampiric Blood I choose for the increase to healing done for an extended period of time. This is one ability cool down I will be using as my "Oh *$&#" button and 5 more seconds of +35% healing might be worth it. As I move along through the difficulty level I may need to reexamine this one as well.

None of this is set in stone, I may decide to change my spec or glyphs at anytime and possibly even instance by instance if need be. So please feel free to leave a comment and lend me your suggestions on both.


  1. Hi and Welcome to the community. Really like the concept of your blog- soloing through the game as a DK. It will be interesting to see you put to the test just how overpowered DKs really are. Also would be curious to see how and what you can solo as compared to some of the other 'solo' bloggers out there.

    Also like the background in your design. The subtle skulls are a nice touch. One small tip, however, would be to correctly spell the word 'knight' in your menu bar and page header. Although I'm not sure if this is mispelled intentionally and I'm just too old to 'get it'.

    At any rate, best of luck in your blogging adventure :)

  2. LOL! Nope not intentional that was a big whoops on my part. Thanks for picking up the spelling mistake, the welcome, and the well wishes.