Friday, October 16, 2009

Please allow me to introduce myself - My Gear

Ok so my tank gear currently stinks. I have a couple of epic items (helm and chest) and the rest are blues. I'm not to worried about having the best tank gear at first, for some of the lower level raids and heriocs I think my DPS set will be better. The extra strength I have will allow me to plow down the trash faster and give me more heals with my blood spec. But as I progress I'm going to need better tanking gear which means grinding more heroics for emblems and possibly buying them off the AH. I'll list my relevant (what I think is relevant anyway) stats for each set below.

My DPS Gear:
  • Health: 20841
  • Strength : 1313
  • Stamina: 1217
  • Armor: 13788
  • Power: 3280
  • Hit Rating: 317 (9.67%)
  • Armor Pen: 178 (12.72%)
  • Crit Chance: 22.82%
  • Expertise: 9 2.25%
  • Defense: 400
  • Dodge: 6.27% (0%)
  • Parry: 11.53% (7.25$)
My Tank Gear:
  • Health: 24071
  • Strength: 982
  • Stamina: 1613
  • Armor: 21196
  • Power: 2184
  • Hit Rating: 5.79%
  • Armor Pen: 0
  • Crit Chance: 5.29%
  • Expertise: 16
  • Defense: 539
  • Dodge: 12.79% (2.45%)
  • Parry: 18.13% (11.07%)
As I go through my soloing experiment I realize I will need to upgrade my tank gear as I get higher into the content level. By no means do I think my current gear will allow me to solo WotLK dungeons let alone heroic dungeons. To do this I will have to grind heroics for emblems, run ToC, daily dungeon, etc. Also I've read that patch 3.3 will once again upgrade the emblems dropped in Heroic instances so that should make getting better gear much easier for me as well.

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