Monday, October 26, 2009

Classic Raider - Zul'Gurub Part 2 cont.

I left off the last post with Bloodlord Mandokir and the next boss on the map that I needed to tackle was High Priest Thekal (aka the tiger boss). Now this was one boss my last try I just couldn't kill. The healing and resurrecting him and his two adds do was not wearing me down with hits, but with play time. I spent approx 30 minutes non stop fighting him and his cronies and just couldn't kill them all within 10 seconds of each other. Inevitably one of them would be left with enough HP to last and resurrect one of the others, and then the third. This is actually what lead me to respec, not being happy with my DPS output. As I mentioned in my last post I love the respec (adding Death Rune Master in place of Blood Worms) as it not only helps my DPS (more HS) but also allows me to add my healing abilities in easier without having to wait for Blood Runes.

Classic Raider - Zul'Gurub Part 2

Zul'Gurub...soloed. Yup I did it, and it's not hard, once you learn the raid. I didn't have much time to spend on WoW this weekend due to RL stuff but I did manage a few hours logged and decided to take some of that time to attempt Zul'Gurub again. As you may have read in my last post on this raid I didn't have to tough a time until it came to Hakkar and then the High Priest Thekal (aka tiger boss). This time through I knew a little more on the bosses and had a respec as well. This time around I did not spend as much time clearing trash as I did the first time, not because I expected problems doing so, just because I didn't have the time needed to do so. I killed all the High Priest bosses before Hakkar but I did not call Gahz'ranka this time and didn't kill the rest of the bosses except for Bloodlord Mandokir (for the attempt at the mount) and then Jin'do the Hexxer after Hakkar just to kill time and clear the rest of the bosses. I did clear all the bosses the last time so I consider this instance complete as far as soloing goes. I will be running this instance again for farming Zandalar Tribe rep(for no real reason other then to become exalted with them).