Thursday, October 15, 2009

Please allow me to introduce myself - My Death Knight

So I feel like I may be a little out of order here, my intent was to talk about my gear next but I realized I should introduce my My Death Knight, probably should have done that before the post about my spec but hindsight, as they say, is 20/20. So on to my Death Knight:

LargeRichard is a gnome and he resides on the Shadowsong server. He belongs to the High Order guild and can be quite mischievous. He has been known to show up for raids wearing nothing but a Lovely Black Dress, throw snowballs at Loken during Halls of Lightning runs (to be honest that idea wasn't mine nor was I the first one to throw the snowball, but it was entertaining when he jumped up and looked around after I hit him. Made the rest of the party think the pull had already started) and just tries to keep the mood light and fun.

He is maxed out in Enchanting and is 430 in tailoring, he had 450 in mining but I recently dropped that for tailoring. I know, tailoring is kind of unusual for a Death Knight but I really kind of loathed farming for nodes which is really the only way to make gold from mining, and I really like to make gold. So I picked up tailoring, not the biggest money maker (that would probably be inscription or jewel crafting) but it does make some gold, allows me easy access to enchanting mats, and last but certainly not least it saves me bag space and makes me more gold during dungeon runs, I'll go over this in another post.

So that's my toon, feel free to say hi when I'm on or ask for an invite to our guild.

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