Sunday, October 18, 2009

Begin at the Begining - Step 1: Classic Dungeonmaster

Before I start increasing the difficulty level of soloing instances I want to finish all the low level instances that I have not completed yet. There are a few that I run a lot, including Stratholme (for the mount), Zul'Farrak, Scarlet Monastery, Stockades, all of these I run for enchanting mats, cloth, and AH sales. I do fairly well on the AH with these runs but they only account for a small percentage of my overall profit. As I continue to advance in instance difficulty I hope to increase this percentage and increase my profit. But first comes the task of completing the Classic Dungeonmaster achievement. Here is the list of dungeons for the achievement, the ones I completed will be in bold:

Wailing Caverns
Blackfathom Deeps
Razorfen Downs
Blackrock Depths
King of Dire Maul
Ragefire Chasm
Shadowfang Keep
Stormwind Stockade
Razorfen Kraul
Scarlet Monastery
Sunken Temple
Blackrock Spire

I plan on finishing these up by the end of this weekend and put this achievement to rest.

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