Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Goblin Sidebar - How I make money running instances

Goblin Side Bar is an idea I had to bring some gold making tips into the blog. While I am not a true Goblin I am at least part Goblin. I love to make gold and I have a nice pile of it already. I'm not anywhere near the gold cap but I could easily buy the Tundra Mammoth or the chopper and still have plenty left over. Most of this I gained by playing the Auction house game and while I am not as savvy as some of those out there I do pretty good. Could I do better? Of course but I'm pretty happy where I'm at for now and I'm still earning with very little work involved. While I'm not going to let go of all my secrets on how I do this I will give you some tips that work for me. For more tips/tricks/and ideas read some of the blogs I link to in the sidebar.

So I mentioned that one of the reasons I took tailoring is to save space in my bags, while this is not the main reason it is one that helps me out. I save this bag space by turning the cloth into bolts of cloth and use these later on to create items to DE. Now I don't turn all the cloth into bolts because cloth typically sells very well on the AH on my server (especially mageweave and rune cloth). Why do I need all this bag space? Because I loot everything, yes everything. Every time I run a dungeon I empty my bags as much as possible keeping only my enchanting rod, some food for emergencies (usually not needed but I've needed it and didn't have it before), and a few items I may need along with what I can't fit into my bank. All this space is usually filled by the items I loot. All the soulbound items I DE, unless the mats are worth less then the items vendor for, and all the grays get sold to a vendor. Occasionally I still run out of bag space, in those cases if there is a vendor close by (like Zul'Farrak) I make a run to the vendor to sell off the vendor-trash. I make a non-insignificant amount of gold by doing this and highly encourage everyone to practice this, it usually at the least pays for my repairs and more often then not a profit as well.

While this won't make you rich any time soon, any gold is good gold and let's face it, repair costs can escalate quickly. Especially with what I am planning on attempting. Also as I progress through the content I'm sure the gold gained in this fashion will increase.

Now let me make one thing clear, as all you Goblins out there are already thinking this may not be an efficient way to make gold, that is you could make more gold per hour doing something else but, since my goal is to solo these instances and will have to progress through them anyway I may as well make some gold in the process. Also I just enjoy running these instances, and do it sometimes not to just make some gold but because it's fun, or for other things like the mount(s) in Stratholme or Zul'Gurub. So I am not recommending you do this a gold making strategy but if you enjoy running these, run these as you level up with groups, or just want to see some of the content you've been missing you'll be able to get an idea of how much you can make while doing it. Additionally you can occasionally get paid to run lower level players through this content, this could show you how much they can expect to gain if they get all the loot and give you a ball park of what to charge in order to run them. Be sure to factor in you time spent as well.

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