Friday, October 23, 2009

Goblin Side Bar - Lower Black Rock Spire

Goblin Side Bar is an idea I had to bring some gold making tips into the blog. While I am not a true Goblin I am at least part Goblin. I love to make gold and I have a nice pile of it already. I Most of this I gained by playing the Auction house game and while I am not as savvy as some of those out there I do pretty good. Could I do better? Of course but I'm pretty happy where I'm at for now and I'm still earning with very little work involved. While I'm not going to let go of all my secrets on how I do this I will give you some tips that work for me. For more tips/tricks/and ideas read some of the blogs I link to in the sidebar.

So not much gold making to report on while getting my Classic Dungeonmaster achievement, that is except for Lower Black Rock Spire. I collected a surprising amount of loot running this instance. Granted the instance is quite large, but in gold looting alone I netted around 34g. Another 27g in vendor trash and count me impressed for a classic dungeon. Mind you I spent a considerable amount of time in there, mostly due to the fact that I had no idea where I was going and spent most of my time looking for bosses. I think I literally killed every mob in that place during my wanderings. So from a gold per hour perspective I did miserable, but now that I know what I'm doing and I don't much care if I kill the bosses or not I can run in there for a quick profit. The items I looted look promising as well, lots of rune cloth (always sells well on my server) most of which I tuned into bolts to make bag space. Lots of greens that look like they sell well, we'll see about that.

I had a big problem with bag space again, I have all Frostweave bags except for a 22 slot Dragon Hide Bag and I only had about 6 slots filled so I had a ton of empty space. With no vendor in the immediate area I had to turn a lot of the cloth into bolts and still I ditched a lot of stuff. I estimate I lost about 7g - 10g from this. So a nice but not huge profit from this instance. Might have to hit this up for a quick run and some spare gold while I run Motlen Core.

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