Thursday, October 22, 2009

Classic Raider - Molten Core....FAIL

OK so I completed my Classic Dungeonmaster achievement and my intent was to move on to Classic Raider from there. I've already posted about my first attempt at Zul'Gurub and I have some ideas on what went wrong and would like to try them out. Between running heroics with some fresh 80 guild members to help them gear up and to help me replace my tanking gear and finishing my Classic Dungeonmaster I didn't have a whole lot of time to run a raid. With the amount of time I would need to complete Zul'Gurub I decided to postpone that and try Molten Core.

I first wanted to get attuned to Molten Core, that way I wouldn't have to run through BRD every time I want to get in there. For those that don't know once you are attuned to Molten Core you can just speak to the NPC near the entrance of BRD and he will port you directly into the raid. Much easier than trying to find your way through BRD each time, unfortunately to become attuned you have to complete a quick quest given to you by this NPC and that quest requires you to run through BRD to the entrance to Molten Core. And if your anything like me you have only run through BRD once or twice (once to help out some guild mates and once for the solo run) and can't find your way around there to save your life.

So after about an hour of running around in circles through BRD I made my way to Lord Incendius, in the interest of full disclosure I Googled how to get into Molten core after about 45 minutes of searching and found this neat way in, where he is located you can jump down onto a piece of land in the lava below and make your way to the Molten Core entrance. Just don't do what I did and jump into the lava thinking you'll find a piece of land to stand on and look for where you supposed to go. I managed to survive it but it was close.

Right outside the entrance to Molten core is the core fragment you need to turn in that quest. I picked up the fragment and instead of running back to the NPC just went ahead and entered the instance. At the start of the instance are two giants that I had little problems dealing with. Pretty much a slam dunk and feeling confident I crossed the bridge in front of me to take on the next group.

Remember that problem I have with overconfidence, seems like I still haven't learned my lesson. The next group consisted of two more giants and a Firelord, not having had a problem with the last two I wasn't expecting any issues with these three. Yes I pulled all three, because I just ran right up to them to kick their a$$. Well it turns out the Firelord was a bit harder to handle then these giants, sure the giants would boot me like a football but I'd just run back up and start DPSing them. The problem is the Firelord has an ability Summon Lava Spawn that brings out this cute little miniature fire guy. Whats a little guy like that going to do to a big bad DK like me. Apparently it's going to kick my a$$ because it did. These little lava spawns end up splitting into two and then splitting and then splitting, you get the idea. Well before I knew it I had a whole team of cute little lava spawns all around me, plus the Firelord, plus the giants and I just couldn't keep up with them. So first try, FAIL.

I release and start to run back and I realize, it's a long freaking way to run. Dying here sucks just because of the long run back. And then I realize I have to get back to the start of the instance in order to get my body back, thinking I had to once again find the entrance to Molten Core, which means running around like crazy trying to find it in BRD. Well thankfully just entering BRD was enough to get my body, so good news there. Then I turned in the atonement quest to the NPC and had him port me back to Molten Core (nice feature, definitely do the quest if you plan on running this). So I chalk the first time up to lack of AoE and try to take on the same group again...FAIL.

Dead, run back, get into BRD, run out, talk to NPC, back in Molten Core. OK this time I Death Grip the Firelord and thankfully manage to pull only him, not the other two. Thinking this was the answer to my success when the lava spawns come I lay down DnD and continue to DPS the Firelord...FAIL. Repeat this whole process....FAIL.

Damn this is harder then it looks. At that point I gave up for the night and since have done a little research and have two ideas I'm going to try. One is to re-spec to gain Death Rune Mastery I am not happy with how long it takes me to down some mobs and since I don't always need to use Death Strike to heal I would like the option of having more Heart Strikes, I'm hoping this will give me the DPS I need to take out the Firelord. Also after doing a little reading I think it's the lava spawns that may be the answer, if I can take them out when it's just one I think I might be OK, still probably need to beef up my DPS with the re-spec though.

So the first attempt was a FAIL but I'm ready to go back, still impressed with the survivability of Blood, I just have to get over this overconfidence issue and learn the instances.


  1. If you're comfortable with your dps, attack as you work back to the entrance and kill the firelords at the portal there. The adds despawn after a minute or two.

    Alternatively, if you're comfortable with your healing abilities, switch to the adds pronto and kill them as the they pop up.

    I've done both ways as a bloodthirst/prot warrior and have gone in with a couple hundred fire resist too (if you'd like to do it that way).

    Or you can use the level difference to your advantage and skip the first pull, drop down along the right wall and fight the rock elementals you'll run into once you're out of the lava. But you'll still have to deal with some firelords eventually.

  2. Thanks for the info on the spawns, I wasn't aware they went away. Not real sure how I'll go at first. I think I'll try to dps the spawn and get him knocked down, I'm pretty confident with the healing abilities to keep me alive as long as I need (as long as there are a limited number of mobs hitting me). I didn't think of getting fire resist I'll have to see what I can get for that.