Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Outland Dungeon Hero - Hellfire Ramparts cont.

I cut off the last post at the point I was going to the final two encounters (three bosses two encounters) so to continue from there...

As I stated in the last post even though the last two encounters are not in any set order Omor the Unscarred is the one that I always consider the second boss. After killing the few adds near him I just walked up and started smashing his face in. No problems here, he summons some fel hounds that I paid no attention to and there were only three of them to clean up at the end. Wish I had more strategy to give you but really I just walked up and killed him. Took a couple minutes but wasn't exciting at all.

The next encounter includes two bosses, Varzuden and his mount Nazan. Not having any issues with the last boss I wasn't expecting much. I killed the guards and Nazan dropped off Varzuden who came after me, I pretty much just DPS'd him and moved around when Nazan would shoot fireballs at me. After I realized that the fire left over from these does not buff me (joking here) I would just move a little and continue to spank his master. When Varzuden is low on health Nazan comes down to the gorund, I had a little DPS still to do on Varzuden when this happened but it didn't cause any worries. It was only after I realized that Nazan appears to be immune to my diseases, something I never paid attention to when I was here with a group but has grave consequences as a soloist DK.

For those that don't know as DK our main healing ability is Death Strike. Death Strike does considerable damage (75% weapon damage plus 222.75 unbuffed) as well as heals us for 5% of our maximum health...per disease. Yup per disease is the key here, therefore no disease no health. Sure I still get the weapon damage but I don't get any health, and I like health it tends to keep me alive. So without my main healing ability I had to rely on a few other abilities, all with cool downs. I thought I was screwed. Once I realized what was happening I popped Army of the Dead so that my ghouls would A) tank for me preventing loss of precious health and B) add more dps to down him quicker. After the casting I had to get off a quick Death Pact to up my health and start the cool down timer. Turns out I didn't need it, although I did use Vampiric Blood and Blood Tap but he wnet down pretty quick all things considered. I guess I was lucky because I had no potions on me to help me if I needed them so things could have been a lot worse. But I consider Heroic Hellfire Ramparts one of the easiest ones yet.

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