Monday, November 2, 2009

Goblin Side Bar - Zul'Gurub

Goblin Side Bar is an idea I had to bring some gold making tips into the blog. While I am not a true Goblin I am at least part Goblin. I love to make gold and I have a nice pile of it already. I Most of this I gained by playing the Auction house game and while I am not as savvy as some of those out there I do pretty good. Could I do better? Of course but I'm pretty happy where I'm at for now and I'm still earning with very little work involved. While I'm not going to let go of all my secrets on how I do this I will give you some tips that work for me. For more tips/tricks/and ideas read some of the blogs I link to in the sidebar.

Just a quick update on Zul'Gurub from the Goblin perspective. There is a decent amount of money to be made here, including but not limited too vendor trash, various "coins" and "bijou's". I made around 16g from vendor trash my last run and that only included clearing trash mobs that I had to clear to get to the boss, since I was in a time constraint.

Also most mobs have the chance of dropping various coins or bijou's. These are used to increase your rep with the Zandalar tribe. My AH scans tell me the sell from 10g -12g for each bijou and 4g-6g for the coins on my server. I can't confirm this because I am a rep (and achievement) whore and use them to increase my rep with the tribe, for no other reason then to get exalted with them. But I do pick up quite a few of these on my Zul'Gurub runs.

Also the bosses each have approximately 26g - 28g on them so there is some money to be made there and Hakkar drops 38g as well. Also DE'ing the purples that drop to create nexus crystals. The only useful thing these crystals are for is Nexus Transformation to create small prismatic shards. On my server transforming 3 small prismatic shards into one large shard is still quite profitable. Also any green items that don't sell well will DE into infinite dust. I use infinite dust for quite a few profitable low level enchants (especially this one).

In addition to these there is also always the chance of getting a Razzashi Hatchling to drop from one of the raptors, sells for around 750g - 1000g on my server.

Again, I don't recommend running these as a great way to make gold as your gold per hour isn't great. But if you like me and want to farm this instance for A) Rep with the Zandalar tribe and B) Want the mounts two of the bosses drop, then you might as well make some profit off it while your there.

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  1. The turtle polymorph tome from the hydra boss is BoE. I had trouble selling it on my server (no one was biting around 400g or more) but hopefully you could find someone interested.